We are a design, 3D printing, and rapid prototyping company located in Vancouver, BC. 3D Print Vancouver provides affordable service to specialty markets including electronics, vacuum forming, restoration, and assembly line. Give us a call at (604) 862-3940 and ask for Ashley.

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Product design, proof of concept

3D Print Vancouver helps individuals and companies design and prototype their ideas. Whether embarking on your first Kickstarter or a well established firm, our team can provide knowledgeable and fast service.
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Mold, die, jig design and 3D printing

We work with manufacturing companies to design molds, dies, and jigs for vacuum forming, thermoforming, bending, breaking, and assembly. Test your process on 3D printed prototypes to get buy-in from your team and your customers. Flat rate pricing.
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Recreate obsolete parts

Many customers come to us with obsolete parts: light covers, antique radio knobs, vintage car ornaments, cupboard protectors, the list goes on. If you deliver a sample or a photograph of the part to us, we will reverse engineer it for the low price of $199. 3D prints are extra, some exclusions apply.
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3D printed fixtures and enclosures

We design and 3D print custom electronic enclosures, face plates, and other fixtures and we ensure that every part fits. We can accommodate short runs up to 300 units. Change the design as often as you need.
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